Solidaridad desde NYC

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Nombre: Solidaridad desde NYC
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Today 25th September 2012 at noon activists in solidarity with the struggle to reclaim
Casablanca Social Center in Madrid gathered in front of the Spanish
Consulate on East 58th Street in Manhattan, New York City. Met by a squad
of police, the activists engaed passersby and members of the Spanih
Consulate on their lunch break. After an hour the activists made an
attempt to enter the premises but were told thet they were barred from the
building! Our lawyer attempted to negotiate ... but we were told we would
be arrested if we persisted ...

We remain in solidarity with the people of Casablanca and all those
dedicated to the movment of occupation for life and freedom here, there
and everywhere!

Be assured, we won't let up! Squat the World!

Viva Casablanca!


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